Sonntag, 30. November 2008

Keyring pendant

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I made this tutorial.
I hope you enjoy it!

Tutorial keyring pendant

By Susuko -

This is a nice pendant for keys, phones, bags or what you like.

You can make several ones to match your bags or your outfit, or for different keys to differ from each other. And you can hold it around your wrist.

You need:

Fabric strip, 26-30 x 8 cm
Matching or contrasting thread
Key ring 25 – 30 mm diameter

- Fold and press your fabric strip lengthwise in half, open and fold and press each side to the middle
(like for bag handles)

Take the short ends, right sides together (the fabric lays like a “W”), stitch and backstitch at the beginning and at the end.

Clip the corners. Turn stripends right side out and work the corners out.

Now stitch both long sides close to border, backstitch beginning and end.

Put your keyring in the strip, closestitch both stripends together, backstitch beginning and end. Put the keyring to the end and stitch short behing it, to secure in place. If your machine have the function to stitch a button, you can use this.

You´re finished, enjoy!

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