Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Stroll Challenge Day #12

Day #12: Trash

Trash to treasure:
Some time ago I found a pile of very old magazines a neighbor threw away.
I made this magazine journal out of a very old 1983 sewing magazine.
I followed the instructions of craftyhodges on youtube.
Here I made the version of a Travelers Notebook Magazine Edition Junk Journal.
Ready to be painted or glued on.

The short video to my journal is here.

More about Nathalie Kalbachs Challenge here.


Gunvor hat gesagt…

That is awesome! I have to check out that video. Thanks for the inspiration!

Nancy hat gesagt…

Great project.

Sue Sharp hat gesagt…

cool idea!

Nathalie Kalbach hat gesagt…

Cool- großartige Idee Magazine zu recyceln!!!